Summarize child information in parent row?


Hi - I'm trying to write a formula that would group and summarize information from children rows into a cell in the parent row and I keep running into issues.

I have a "Dropdown (Multiselect)" column for "Work type" that has the available values of Web Design, Copy, Video, Animation. Any row can be one or any of those selections. I have a helper column named "workTypeSummary" where I'd like to use a formula to summarize all the work types of the children, in the parent row. Is this possible? The formula below that I'm using currently only shows 1 value regardless of different values in other child rows. For example I have a parent with different rows of Copy, Animation and Web Design - but only Copy is appearing in the cell with my formula below.

=IF(AND(CONTAINS("Video", CHILDREN([Work type]@row))), "Video", IF(CONTAINS("Copy", CHILDREN([Work type]@row)), "Copy",IF(CONTAINS("Web Design", CHILDREN([Work type]@row)), "Web Design", IF(CONTAINS("Animation", CHILDREN([Work type]@row)), "Animation"))

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