Many users are complaining that they are receiving duplicate Update Requests

I have a long approval workflow that has been working flawlessly until yesterday when users were getting multiple update request for the same record. Is this a know issue currently?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Adam Wilson

    There have been no other reports of Update Requests sending duplicates this week. Does your workflow contain multiple Approval blocks? If so, are you using the same column to store these approvals, and the same approval values? This can cause duplicate alerts (see: Approval Workflow Behavior).

    If this isn't the cause, I would suggest checking the Activity Log to see if anyone triggered the workflow more than once accidentally.

    Finally, if none of this has helped and there are no duplicate workflows that could be sending a second version of the Update Request, please reach out to Smartsheet Support with full screen captures of your sheet (the URL), screen captures of the workflow set up, and the date/time the emails were received (along with the email addresses of the users who received the alert).