Weighted Average With a Condition


Is it possible to gather a weighted average, with a condition?

My starting formula is

but I would like to build in a condition. In other formulas this has taken the form of

I can't work out how to bring these together / if it is possible.

Grateful for any thoughts anyone may have!




  • Brett Wyrick
    Brett Wyrick ✭✭✭✭

    Hey Emma. Trying to wrap my head around what you're trying to accomplish here, so couple of questions for you:

    Could you post a screenshot of the columns you're using? And what your use case is here, what you're trying to accomplish?

    I'm thinking you could utilize something like:

    =IF(SUM(CHILDREN([Not In Scope]@row)) >= 1, AVGW(CHILDREN(), CHILDREN(Weightage@row)))

    Which basically says, if the sum of the Children row column "Not In Scope" is 1 or greater, show me the original formula).

    Does that make sense? I think this ought to get you on the right track, at least.

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