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I am working on formulas to gather our end date/past end dates for example I want to capture 45-day, 30-day, 15-day, 10-day and 5-day I do not care if it is in a pie or metrics just not sure the best way to gather the data with there already being a formula in the column to calculate those days then present them on the dashboard.

=COUNTIFS([resource_on_active_project]:[resource_on_active_project], "Yes", [Days until/past end date]:[Days until/past end date], "-15")

I am receiving the "#Invalid Data Type"

Then for this formula =COUNTIF([Project End Date]:[Project End Date], I receive incorrect count.


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  • Adriane Price
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    Update: stakeholders are looking for this type of output on a dashboard

    Count of offboarded per Fiscal Year and Quarter based on each theater AMER, APJ and EMEA by our HR managers and our partner managers.

    I am at this point drawing a blank.


  • Adriane Price
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    Answer ✓

    Figured it out:

    Created a formula in the summary of the sheet, created a report, then created a pivot table to display my data.


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