Dashboards cannot be accessed via mobile browser (Android)


(This may not apply to iPhones.) On Android devices you can access forms from the mobile browser.

But when you try to access a dashboard, it says it is available only on the mobile app.

At my company we can access corporate sheets only from a secured device, which includes a mobile browser installed as a work app. (Authentication is limited to a secured device.) But the Smartsheet app is not available as a work app, which means we cannot access dashboards on Android.

Why that limitation on dashboards being available only via the app?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Mark Salamon

    You're correct, Dashboards are configured differently when being viewed from a mobile device which means you need to open them from the Smartsheet mobile App instead of a Browser App.

    However if you need to view a Dashboard without using the App, then you can Publish the Dashboard and open the Published link via a Browser App. I hope that helps!