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I am looking to have a single reference code or number that is attached to an update request that contains multiple rows. Is there a best way to do this? My first thought is to have a value added to a cell when the reference goes out, is there a way to make this a rolling serial number as each update request is automatically sent?

A bit of background: I am using Smartsheet to track and notify suppliers of non-conforming material. Automation workflows are used to send out all pertinent line items that need a disposition response from the specific supplier. After dispositions are sent back via the update request, our company may be receiving a credit memo or RGA (Return Goods Authorization) to return this material. If I had a reference number tying back to the update request it would be much easier and quicker to tie the single Credit or RGA to multiple rows within our master sheet.




  • NocturnalAnimal

    You can create an Auto-Number/System column in your main grid. It allows you to fill out the suffix and numbering system you would like to use. We use this for creating a project ID for our project intake forms.

  • bvannuland

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Yes, I am familiar with this feature and utilize it in a few of my sheets. However, this assigns a single number to a single row. If possible I would like multiple rows that I am sending out to a single individual for an update request to all have the same reference number assigned to them. See example below.

    On 6/30/21 two Updated Requests were sent to two different customers.

    Update Request ID 1: Complaints 1, 3, 4

    Update Request ID 2: Complaints 2, 5

    On 7/30/21 two more update requests were sent out.

    Update Request ID 3: Complaints 6, 8

    Update Request ID 4: Complaints 7, 9

    I hope that makes sense. I am not sure if Smartsheet has this capability right now or if someone more clever than myself has a reasonable work around.



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