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Hello! I am fairly new to using Smartsheet and need help figuring out if what I'd like to do is even possible and what formula I would use (would it be index/match?). I would like to pull information from one sheet to another sheet. What I am trying to come up with is:

IF the "PRINTER" ON PRINTER LEAD TIMES sheet is the same "PRINTER" ON the PACKAGING FLATS TRACKER, then in the RELEASE TO SGS/PRINTER column on the PACKAGING FLATS sheet, SUBTRACT the number that is in the TOTAL NUMBER OF DAYS column on the PRINTER LEAD TIMES sheet FROM the date that is in the MATERIALS IN HOUSE column on the PACKAGING FLATS sheet.

Does this make sense and is this doable? Right now, I have a long IF statement on just the PACKAGING FLATS TRACKER but I think having a separate sheet where this information is pulled from might be easier when information changes/people need to update.

Thank you!


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