Conditional formatting based on date


Is there a way to highlight rows using Conditional Formatting when it's past a number of days?

Orange when it is 45 days after "Date of Visit"


  • Chelsea Duncan

    Hi Stacey,

    No. I would add another column and have it add 45 days from the date of visit and then do conditional formatting based on that. Does that make sense or would you like an example?


  • jlocke
    jlocke ✭✭

    Hi Stacey,

    You can do the following:

    1) Add a Column called "45 Days After Visit" and make it a Date column in the column properties.

    2) In the top cell of the "45 Days After Visit" column, enter this formula:

    =[Date of Visit]@row + 45

    3) Copy and paste the formula so it is in each row of the "45 Days After Visit Column"

    4) Create the following Conditional Formatting rules:

    Column "45 Days After Visit" "Is Today" and

    Column "45 Days After Visit" "Is in the past"

    Format: Orange background color for the Entire Row

    5) Hide the "45 Days After Visit" column (optional step)