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Hi all,

Apologies for the blanket questions but i am looking for the best option for a Backup approach with Smartsheet.

Unfortunately i had an issue last week where i lost a master File that had dozens of reports mapped against it. Luckily i had a backup from 7 days prior but this required me to manually update 7 days worth of changes to the Master Sheet again and re-associate all reports and dashboards to this new Master!

Lesson learnt that with some of this critical data i need a more robust backup method in place ASAP.




  • Devin LeeDevin Lee ✭✭✭

    Hey @Kegan Copas

    They have a built in Backup option. Go into the Browser and find your Sheet. Right-click on it and select Request Backup. Another option is to put your sheets into a workspace and set that workspace to Schedule Reoccurring Backups. It's only once a week but knowing that is happening on it's own is easier than remembering to manually go in and request the backup. No idea why they don't have that option for sheets. There is an issue with attachments this way though as they basically download them all into one zip folder which can be a huge mess if you don't label things properly. For those kind of sheets really Save as New is the only real perfect backup.

    I have talked with Smartsheet Reps about this and in some cases contacting them can be useful as they have more options than we do and can recover/revert sheets in some cases.

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