Update request for information


Can I send an update request where the link within the email would take them to a form and not a sheet? And how can I set it up so that when they go to the form the data fields they already completed will show up? Also the update request email shows the sheet with very narrow columns and is not useful at all, why is that even displayed?


  • Devin Lee
    Devin Lee ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can't select a form but you can copy/paste the form link into the custom message of the update request. An alternative is to copy/paste the link into a call as well

    Forms can't have pre-populated information unfortunately. Only way around that is using clever formulas in the sheet to recall past information

    The narrow columns happen when someone doesn't go in and customize the message and select the rows to include. It includes all be default which pretty much always is unreadable.

  • Cathy Dahlman

    Thank you! I'll need to think about this more. My form has 50+ fields and I wouldn't want to have to figure out which ones are blank when sending a message.