Can i delete dynamic views created by a now deleted licenced user

I have a licenced user who's profile was deleted but there remains several dynamic views that seem not to have been cleared out that still show in my profile as shared by owner of "deleted profile" - can i remove them? or do i have to set them up again and ask them to delete their history?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Andrew Sellars

    If the user didn't transfer ownership of the views before the profile was removed, you'll need to contact Support to ask them to complete the transfer for you. Please provide Support with the following information:

    • Current owners email
    • Target users email
    • Ensure the Target user is at least an admin on the source sheets for all views
    • Ensure the Target user is shared to the view itself
    • What access level is to be given to the previous owner? (in your case, I presume none)
    • Provide a list of the View URLs you wish to transfer (you can state "all")



  • Hi Genevieve this was really helpful thank you, have a great day