Using Calendar for Time Off?


Has anyone utilized the Calendar for time off/vacation requests in shared format? Meaning that a department with multiple staff utilizing to request time off color-coded and then once granted this would change to different color-coded status. Would love to know if anyone is using successfully or if they have created a template and would share it?




  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator
    edited 12/01/21

    Hi @ChrisgBCH ,

    If you're using the Calendar app, you can apply color formatting to each task bar based on the request status in the Time & Design section of the app configuration (see on this Calendar App article) as shown below:

    To do this you will need to have a Status Column defined in the source sheet to the Calendar view and the color formatting should change with the status. You may want to use a dropdown column for this purpose (see this article for further reference).

    If you're using the Calendar view instead of the Calendar app, you can also apply conditional formatting to the task bars (as outlined in this article) to each row based on the Status column:

    This will apply the color formatting just to the calendar bars when in the Calendar View. As an additional note, you may find a suitable template to use in the Solution Center (you can refer to this article for more information), for example the "Team Vacation Planner" could be of help. 

    If this can't help, it would be helpful to see some screenshots of your current setup. Please ensure to remove any confidential data when sharing them.