Getting Started with Resource Management (ie prev 10,000 ft)

To smartsheet, just got the license activated for the new Resource Management module with licenses Licensed Users and Managed Resources. I connected a sheet to the resource management, this worked, but have not been able to see/sync the loaded resources in the sheet and allocate them to a plan

I have loaded 130 new Managed Resources (these are equipment without emails - i tried to add dummy email but I got an error when I tried to upload this list so I left it blank at the end)

My understanding is I should be able to select them in "Assigned To" and see them also sync in the Resource Management panel, however it still only recognises the standard users which are part of the base smartsheet license.

I have loaded the 130 new managed resources to the Resource Management

Any help here why I cant sync or see them. Also, I have read through a number of Resource Management tutorials...but still seems some gaps, any good more detailed tutorials or videos?

thanks, Paolo


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Paolo Mauro

    Users must be configured and managed separately in both Smartsheet and Resource Management:

    • Managed resources in Resource Management without email addresses don’t appear in the panel. Users will need to exist in Resource Management and have a valid email address that matches their user in Smartsheet. 
    • Multiple users with the same email address in the same Resource Management account will cause the panel to treat that user as not available for resourcing.
    • In Smartsheet, managed users must belong to the current Smartsheet org’s user list (can be unlicensed). 

    Does that help? In regards to training/tutorials, I would recommend going through the eLearning courses in the Smartsheet University if your plan has access to it, here: