Public form and workflow


What I am trying to accomplish:

Create a form that employees can use to submit a request for a project. The project must be approved by their department head before it is in the "queue". The department receives and email with a link to view the request and an approve or decline option. Would like the form to be filled out without having to be logged in a smartsheet account. Would like the department head be able to click approve / decline without having to log in.

What I have so far..the workflow is working...forms can be filled out without having to log into an account AND department head is receiving the email...However, the sender shows "My name via Smartsheet"

The request submission has ALL the columns displayed from the smartsheet.

  1. Can I change the sender display to show the person who submitted it? (I have a field for Requestor name in the form)
  2. Is there a way to change the email fields shown that is sent for approval?

Thank you.