Adding a SmartSheet from Google Drive Shared Drives


I am trying to figure out if there is a way to create a SmartSheet that is stored in Google Drive from a Shared Drive. This might be more of a Google Support question but thought someone here might have an answer!

I have the SmartSheet add-on installed for Drive and I am able to create a SmartSheet from within Google Drive when I am in My Drive. When I click on the big plus, I get the option below. This takes me to create a SmartSheet and it is stored as a file in SmartSheet and also a link to it in Drive, which is very handy since we are using Drive as a central repository across teams.

However, if I go to a Shared Drive, and click on the plus sign, I see no SmartSheet option.

When I click on Connect more apps, and search for SmartSheet, it says it's already installed, which it is.

I'm unclear why Miro seems to show up in both places but not SmartSheet. Is there a setting I am missing? Any ideas would be most appreciated!