How to populate a unique cell value from a Master Sheet to others sheet?



I would like to type all the information of a project in a Master information Sheet

And then have those value populated in others sheet

I tought it would be possible to just link my cell in sheet 1 with the value in my master information sheet and do a column formula, but did not succeed doing so.

Do you have any tips or idea to help ?


  • Leah ISAAC


    Try this:

    1) In the destination sheet, create a cross sheet reference to the desired cell using the Sheet Reference Manager. Name it appropriately (ex. "Master Info Sheet Project Name 1").

    Right-click in a cell and select Manage References to access the menu.

    2) Build this formula in the destination cell/column "={Master Info Sheet Project Name 1}"

    3) Convert the formula to a column.

    Managing many cross sheet references can get tricky. Have you considered using a VLOOKUP formula? You could enter the project number in the destination sheet and then look up the additional project attributes from the master information sheet.

    Good luck!