Pre-populate a form with information from a different sheet


We use SmartSheets to manage projects. I have a sheet called "Design Intake" and that is the sheet we use to track projects. All projects are assigned a project ID.

I want to manage change control in a different sheet because I anticipate some projects will have many change requests. When someone has a change request, I want them to complete a change request form and I want the form to pre-populate via a drop down list all Project IDs (project IDs will originate from the Design Intake sheet) so they can choose what project they need to submit a change for.

I've found similar questions but could not follow how they completed this. I do not want to use a "Update Request" workflow. I need it to be a sheet so that I can easily track and manage changes.

I tried data mesh but that doesn't seem to have the correct function for what I'm doing.

I have created workflows for things like approval processes but the change system needs to utilize a form with a sheet.