Incorrect counts in a Report


I am trying to count the number of date entries and group them by Territory. The problem is that when the filter is satisfied in one column it counts a date entry in another column that is outside of the filter date. Is there a way to not count any date entry outside of the filter, no matter other column data?


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @TerryVR,

    If you are looking for the Summary count to exclude certain rows from the Count operation that haven't been previously been filtered, this is currently not an available option (all data that hasn't been filtered will be included in the Summary operation -COUNT in this case- as long as the column has been designated as a Summary criterium). If needed, you can let the Product team know about your use-case and feedback by filling in this form, here!

    Note, however, that if a row is appearing on your Report, this means that none of the values in that row are satisfying any of the filter criteria, otherwise, the whole row would be filtered and excluded from Summaries operations. You may want to check here for more information on Report filters.

    If your Report is filtering information as you intend to but still would like to exclude certain rows that haven't been filtered, you may want to use Sheet Summaries in the source sheets and possibly a separate Sheet Summary Report that only includes the data you'd like to account for in the Summaries.

    If this can't help you achieving what you intend or I misinterpreted you, please include screenshots of all your Report Builder sections and further information on what you'd need your Report to filter.

    I hope this can help.