Selective non working days/holidays for sheet level


Hi there. I currently have all my project sheets set to exclude non working days and holidays because the overwhelming majority of our work is done during weekdays excluding holidays. However some of the activities have a duration that is irrespective of that. For example, there may be an experiment that takes 6 weeks from start to finish b/c it is running over that 6 week period uninterrupted. If I set it up for say end of December and include a 6 week duration, it appears as if takes 7 weeks b/c of the Christmas holiday/New Years holiday that is blocked off in the project settings. Now of course I could manually fix this by changing the duration to match the correct end date (in this example making it 5 weeks), however that is a problematic solution in that if the experiment gets moved to January, it's now showing as ending early. In order for this to work, I'd have to remember every instance on the sheet where a duration was tweaked to account for holidays which is not ideal. Are there work-arounds to override project settings on a row by row level?


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