Update Request to a Distribution List


Automation-based Update Request that is sent to a shared email inbox by our IT team.

My understanding and my previous experience has generally been that the update request is a one-time use because I’ve often forwarded or been forwarded an update request that I was unable to update.

So, once one member of the IT clicks the update request and assigns themselves the ticket, any other person who clicks on the link should have it appear as expired.

However, we are getting inconsistent results. Sometimes the second clicker gets the bluescreen that it has been used, sometimes they get the page to make the update. Timing does not seem to be a factor because we've seen it happen even days after the ticket was updated.

Does anyone know what the expected behavior is supposed to be?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Casey DuBose (Jalubro Consulting)

    You're correct, after an Update request has been opened and filled out it should be invalid for other users accessing the same email and link.

    However, if you send an Update Request for one row to two different emails at the same time, they will each receive a separate Update link, so they can each update the same row even after one has been submitted. This will show as a separate request sent on the row:

    Because of this, I'm not certain what the expected behaviour is for a distribution list. I would expect it to show as only one sent out, so the link should be invalid after it has been used.

    Could you check the row to see if more than one request was sent, which is why it's able to be opened by others?