how to show only content in a multiple user sheet that was entered by the requester?

Lets say...

Tom, Alex, Paul are in the field, submitting content for columns A, B and C to me through a FORM. This content goes straight into my master SHEET which also has column D, E and F with confidential information.

Tom needs to make a change to his content after submitting the form.

How can he re-visit his content?

  • He should not be able to see what Alex and Paul submitted (therefore: view content which was submitted by the user who is logged in only; view only if creator (I set up the form so that it will add the "creator" info to the sheet automatically already) matches with current user). Please note that users could always change, meaning maybe tomorrow it´s no longer Paul submitting content, but Peter.
  • he should not be able to see the content of columns C, D and E (to be hidden)
  • he needs to be able to edit his content in column A, B and C.

I was able to cover the last 2 bullet points with dynamic view, but don´t know how to resolve the first one.

Do-able? Who is up for this challenge?


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