how to check a checkbox automatically when all predecessor are met and change date to today date



I am creating a project where there a lot of tasks and predecessors.

I created a box check column and would like to put a formula where when a row have all their predecessors statue to complete, the box check is checked.

And in that same row, the date in one of the cell change to today date.

How should I go about to create this formula?

Thank you!!



  • Krissia B.
    Krissia B. Moderator

    Hello @Myra Léger

    Thank you for your post. After reviewing what you are trying to accomplish, I came up with the formulas below.

    • In the checkbox column: =IF([Status Column]@row = "Complete", 1)
    • In the date column = =IF([Checkbox Column]@row = 1, TODAY())

    See the sample below on what it looks like. Also, if you would like a formula to change the status to "Complete" in the Parent when all their predecessors status changes to "Complete", the formula used for that is: =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Column Name]@row)) = COUNTIFS(CHILDREN([Status Column]@row), "Complete"), "Complete", "Not Complete")

    Hope this helps!



  • Hello Myra,

    You may like to see the solution suggested by Paul Newcome using the new SUCCESSOR function.

    It allows you to flag a row when all predecessor tasks have been completed. I found that solution very useful for more than 90% of tasks on my projects!

    Best of luck!

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