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Attaching OneDrive File

Matt L
Matt L
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I'm having trouble attaching OneDrive files, but have basically narrowed it down to not being able to attach files that were shared to me from someone else.

Problem is my boss creates the main folder then shares it with me and we work like crazy out of that one folder. 

So does this mean that unless I am the creator and owner of that folder I can't share it? Even if I created the file, if it comes from that folder I cannot attach it?????

Thanks, I've been growing tired of having to re upload every file when I revise it. So it's like we're currently working out of SmartSheet and OneDrive. I want to work out of one! And SmartSheet has been so perfect for us!


  • Hello Matt,

    For security reasons, there isn't functionality to attach files that are shared to you via OneDrive, you must own the files in order to attach them to a sheet in Smartsheet.

  • Hi,

    This is really hurting our ability to use SmartSheets, I need my project coordinators to upload from OneDrive to Smartsheets, but I am the owner of the files.

    There is no options in OneDrive for Business to copy a shared file to your own folder tree, and so either I upload all the docs to Smartsheets which is inefficient or my PC re-saves all the docs to their project folder, which defeats the purpose of sharing docs. 

    I realize this is probably a bigger issue for OneDrive, but isn't there some work around for security? 

  • Shir C
    Shir C
    edited 02/13/18

    I called Office 365 and spoke with one of their technicians on One Dive. They said there were some recent changes to the way the file structure is organized in the application. When someone on a business or institutional One Drive account shares a folder it no longer synchs to their personal account but creates a separate shared "institutional folder." This update has not been addressed by Smart Sheet. Currently Smart Sheet is no longer compatible with One Drive for all users on institutional (eg. universities) or business accounts that use and manage shared folders. This is a major flaw in the Smart Sheet system and I expect they will lose a lot of customers if they continue to leave this unaddressed. 

  • This is a huge problem for anyone that is on a One Drive Business or Institutional account because organizations need to be able to collaborate on shared folders and attach them to Smart Sheet. It defeats the purpose of using Smart Sheet to centralize workflow and documents.

  • Also, can't see any OneDrive Group Documents either.  This is a major thorn for collaboration.

  • @Shaine you indicate that you have to be the owner in order to see the folder, when we make everyone the owner of the file, other owners can not see the folder, only the original owner can see it.  Per other posts this makes uploading via OneDrive completely useless, this also differs in the way that GDrive and Box work.  

    Looking forward to getting this resolved. 


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