create a form that can be reopened

Kim Ryan
Kim Ryan
edited 12/22/21 in Smartsheet Basics

Can one create a form that can be reopened at some point to send to the original party whom filled it out to add additional answers to new questions.


Can one create a second from that auto defaults the first forms answers. * (for multiple users)

My scenario. Project leader fills out a project cadence bi weekly by answering questions on a Form.

Project leader can also add tasks to project by filling out a second form. ( I think I can conditionally format it to be a child row on the sheet )

I would somehow like to link the two forms to retain the original information - compounding that I have multiple project leaders and logic seems to be fairly limited in multiple situations😀.

For instance. If I have one column but wish to customize 5 different project leaders forms to only show their possible responses and populate the same column I think it is impossible. What I am faced with perhaps is making a form for every leader.

So many questions, answer anyone of them is fine with me!😀 : )