Overview of Project in One view

As a project manager, I am used to seeing a quick visual of the overall project (similar to a Gantt chart). My general goal is to show, at a high level, where we are in the course of the project based on the progress of summary tasks. Currently, if I add a Gantt to a dashboard, it forces a user to scroll left-right to see the full timeline.

Is it possible for the Gantt to auto-zoom to fit on the dashboard page and avoid left-right scrolling.

Are there other views you might suggest?


  • Hi E. Robert Shanfeld,

    I am not sure auto zoom fit is possible in the Smartsheet dashboard but one alternative way, you can change project setting timeline display to years for primary heading and quarters for secondary heading (duration as per your project )in the report (as below attachment) and adjust this report into the dashboard after that.