Hallo ,

I have different Nrs of sheets, Example.. 1, 2,....... , then i referred these sheets to main sheet called Main .

I used Vlook and also tried Index/Match ,,, Everything works perfectly.....

The problem is whenever customer creates new sheet( in my case Example . 3), they have to go to Main sheet and they have to copy all formulas from up row & have to change the reference to 3 ,, again have to select areas for new reference and based on that again have to edit formula for all the columns.

In my case, we have many columns, so its tough for customer.. much manual work again.... Is thr any workaround?

Here is the Sample one,, but our sheet contains more than 10 columns

Kindly Note that we cant use one sheet for reference,,, we need different sheets. so i am confused here to provide solution

Can anyone please help me out...