Tracking Template Usage Weekly

Hi, I have a set of mandatory templates/sheets within smartsheets that need to be filled in weekly by my team. I have a date cell recording when the sheet was last edited and who is responsible for filling the sheet in and am looking to create a record of who has filled in their templates each week.

Unsure of the best way to approach this so was wondering if anyone had any ideas?


Sophie must fill in Sheet 1, Sheet 2 and Sheet 3 every week.

Week 1: Sheet 1 complete, sheet 2 incomplete, sheet 3 complete

Week 2: Sheet 1 complete, sheet 2 complete, sheet 3 complete

Week 3: Sheet 1 complete, sheet 2 incomplete, sheet 3 complete

The reason I want this view is to be able to review and say "Sophie fills in sheet 1 100% of the time but only fills in sheet 2 33% of the time, is she having issues with sheet 2, does she understand how it works? etc"



  • Hi @Sophie Humphrey,

    Could you run this through sheet Summary's and a dashboard?

    Or have a separate Helper Sheet that collates all of the info from the other three sheets per user?

    Eg - A table for Sheet 1 - Column Headings are weeks 1, 2, 3 etc

    rows would be the names of the users. And then SumIf's for the week number and the name?

    repeat the tables for sheet 2 and sheet 3?