Share a report/dashboard without sharing underlying sheet?

Happy Holidays reader!

I have a question about being able to share a report/dashboard without giving users access to the underlying sheet.

The set up:

I have a sheet with a form were users use the form to add entries to the sheet. I want users to see ONLY THEIR OWN entries without having any access to other users' entries. Due to this, I don't want to give users the ability to change the filter setting on the report either. I definitely do not want to share the sheet with anyone.

I have tried publishing the report, but, from my understanding, a published report ignores the 'Current User' filter. I have tried embedding the report onto a dashboard, but came across the same issue.

Is there anyway to give users access to their own entries (and ONLY their own entries) in a report or dashboard without giving access to the underlying sheet?


  • Jeff M.
    Jeff M. ✭✭✭

    Are you looking for a way to do this without creating a separate report for each of the users?

    You could make a dashboard and report for each user with view only privileges and remove the "sheet name" link on the report. Then set the filters to identify each user, such as having them enter their name, or use the created by column to capture the user.

    Add the report to the dashboard and share the dashboard with the user.