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Hello Everyone,

I want to address one issue that I am facing for a long time.

I am using today's function in my sheet to check today's date for like birthdays or anniversaries and set the automation for 10 AM (Time zone in India (GMT+5:30).

For Example - Assume on 23t December it was my birthday so at 10 AM I should receive a notification of saying "Happy Birthday" but I did not receive any email on the same day.

I received the email on the next day (24th December) because today function did not work on that time.

I just wanted to know what can be the reason for this? We want to send a notification on time.

On another sheet I wanted to send a notification at 10 am , on every 25th day of month but on 25th we received a notification at 7.30PM. Same as 10 am notification comes on 11.30 or 10.15 not a fixed timing.

Please let me know what can be the reason

Thanks In Advance!!


Kaveri Vipat

Senior Associate - Smartsheet Development, Ignatiuz Software

2023 Core Product Certified

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