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I need help creating a formula to stop the accrual process once a number of hours has been reached and then to begin the process again after hours have been used. My Columns are below

so once the balance is 240 then stop hours earned

and then once the balance is below 3.08hrs of 240 then resume accruing not sure if it's possible but will appreciate any and all help


  • Heath Hilton

    Ileana Stover,

    I may have a solution for you though it may not be exactly what you are looking for.

    2022 PTO Hours Earned (Converted to Column Formula): =IF(Balance@row + 3.08 < 240, 3.08, (240 - Balance@row))

    2022 PTO Hours Used: Just a regular row - No Formula

    Balance (Starting on the second row): =Balance1 + [2022 PTO Hours Earned]1 - [2022 PTO Hours Used]@row

    I put the first balance amount as something that you would need to enter in manually. I also added a bit extra in the formula in case you wanted the person to earn up to the amount they could get without going over.

    Hope this helps.

    Heath Hilton

    Hope this helps!

    Heath Hilton

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