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I am trying to run the networkdays formula based off a certain status. So what I am trying to accomplish is if the position status shows filled, how long did it take to fill? Here is the formula I am trying and I get the Unparseable error.

=IF([Position Status]@row='Filled',NETWORKDAYS([Submitted to HM]@row, [Overall Position Status Date]@row),[""])

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  • Sandhiya07
    Sandhiya07 ✭✭
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    Hi @mbonner517 ,

    Hope you are good and Safe!

    Could you please remove the last Square brackets from that formula and use like this,

    =IF([Position Status]@row='Filled', NETWORKDAYS([Submitted to HM]@row, [Overall Position Status Date]@row),"")


    Sandhiya P


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