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I've reviewed the past discussions, but haven't found a clean way to do this. I have two-three levels of approval required on all IT contracts based on a form:

  1. PMO Director (if Project-related is checked)
  2. IT Owner (VP and Above for Subject area)
  3. CIO

I divided it into two workflows: Project-related and not Project Related, but the problem comes up with denied requests.

I want folks to be able to resubmit their request for contract approval after they resolve the issue, so a I created a resubmit checkbox, but there are too many fail points (i.e. the PMO Director requests submit, and then the IT Owner, or the IT Owner denies twice and the CIO can no longer prompt the workflow to resubmit). I was thinking if they resubmit 3 times, then they just have to start over. I also thought about somehow unchecking the resubmit box via a workflow, but that is a terminal action in a workflow, it seems.

I don't want to build a workflow that is overly complex, but I haven't been able to see my way to making this simple and effective.

I saw some of the past posts, but they don't seem to quite solve for this. Any thoughts?

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    Hi @Molly Sudmeier

    I hope you're well and safe!

    To add to Paul's excellent advice/answer.

    • You could send an Alert and use the URL-query feature to include the answers in a URL and let them update it.
    • Another option would be to send an Update Request.

    Would any of those options work/help?

    I hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic week & Happy New Year!


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