SUMIFS on Sales Pipeline


Just setting up a new 2022 Pipeline and the SUMIFS is giving me a headache with the dreaded UNPARSEABLE!!

I am wanting to add up the value of sales of a particular product if the deal has been concluded.

"2022 £££" is the column containing revenue derived from each product sale

"Sales Stage" column - I want to add up those sales that are 'Closed Won'

I want to do this where the Product is "TV A"

What i have come up with is;

=SUMIFS(2022 £££:2022 £££, Sales Stage:Sales Stage, "Closed Won", Product:Product, "TV A")

I am expecting to return '£100'....

I feel I am close however Smartsheet doesn't seem to give suggestions as to where in my formula there may be an error!

Any thoughts anyone?


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