Formula to create a hyperlink

Is there an equivalent to this excel formula?

=HYPERLINK("", "Link to GOOGLE")



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    Hi @Detrie Zacharias

    I hope you're well and safe!

    Unfortunately, it's not possible now, but it's an excellent idea!

    Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

    • If you want another text to show instead of the URL, you'll have to use the Hyperlinking feature in Smartsheet.

    I hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic weekend & Happy New Year!


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  • I found a workaround if it's helpful. It involves using 3 columns for input plus a 4th column which is the actual link

    Column 1- type in the first part of your hyperlink -- e.g.

    Column 2- type the unique part of the website address that would be unique to the row -- e.g. 123456

    Column 3- type the ending part of the website address -- e.g. andfinalpartofwebsite?

    Column 4- use this formula, which varies based on the name of your three columns above -- e.g. =[Column 1]@row + [Column 2]@row + [Column 3]@row

    Now column 4 will be the unique weblink address, and functions like the HYPERLINK function in excel. Only difference, is that I you can't rename that link, at least that I'm aware of. After you do that, you can convert that cell formula in Column 4 to a column formula by right clicking the cell, and selecting "convert to column formula."

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