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Hello, I'm struggling to find a way to enable clickable URLs in Card View. In Grid view a url within a block of text is formatted as usual - blue and underlined - and is clickable to access the link. When viewing the same sheet in Card view, the formatting is gone and the link isn't clickable. As there may be multiple urls in a block of text, I can't simply link the field to the url.

Is there any way to display clickable urls in Card View, within a block of text?

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  • MGA
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    I believe that you need to ensure the cell is formatted as a Hyperlink. From Grid View, right click on the cells where the link is, and select Hyperlink, change URL or label (if needed) and hit ok. From Card View, select the card and navigate to the column in question. If you hover near it, 3 stacked dots will appear that lead to another menu. From there select Hyperlink, change URL or label (if needed) and hit ok.

    Note, I haven't tried to figure out to do this in bulk, such as by column.

    Below are before and after screenshots of the same cell.

    Also, as with Excel, I do not believe that you can have >1 Hyperlink within a cell, but you can leverage the Display of the hyperlink to include much more than the address of the cell.

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    Thank you for the reply MGA. This works with single URLs in a cell, but not multiple. Currently I can list multiple URLs in a cell in a sheet and in Grid view they are active clickable links. In Card view they are not. I'm looking for a way to make them clickable in Card view. An example: this is the same cell in both Grid View and Card View. While the links are live in the Grid view, they are just text in Card view.

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    Hi JCai,

    I'm also trying to find a way to add active hyperlinks in Card view. I know from experience that another workflow app, HIVE has that ability. I'm wondering if you've ever received a good solution for this issue?