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I was hoping to get some help with a formula. We are using INDEX/MATCH. Its all working great when we are referencing one column. When we change the reference to select a range of columns, the formula doesn't work and we get #UNPERISHABLE. Can someone help us figure out how to reference a range of columns?

Here is our formula as we reference column 3 only:

=INDEX({Subcategories Range}, MATCH(Description2, {Project Title}, 0), 3)

How can reference columns 1-4 and not a single column?

We tried 1:4, we tried adding a OR function.

=INDEX({Subcategories Range}, MATCH(Description2, {Project Title}, 0),1:4 )

Help Please :-)



  • Devin Lee
    Devin Lee ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Cat.Cosby

    INDEX/MATCH is specific to just one column. You will need to create a new Reference for each column if you want to use INDEX/MATCH. Another option is VLOOKUP which can reference multiple columns but if someone adds in or deletes a column the reference number doesn't update and the wrong data can be displayed. Personally, I would choose INDEX/MATCH for just about everything for this reason unless there are tons of columns to reference.

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