Problem creating documents with Docusign

We are trying to use Smartsheet to both import data from our sheet to a form, and send that form for signatures. We have discovered that when you are going to map to a template, Smartsheet is automatically logging the user in to whoever had previously logged in to Docusign (the templates are shared). This is a pain because then the documents are "sent" within whatever account was previously logged in. Any way to stop this from happening?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Barent Wagar

    Would you be able to clarify your situation a little more? Do you mean the auto-log in to DocuSign with the wrong account happens at the Mapping stage?

    Or is it that when the documents are generated and sent, it's being sent from whoever was last logged in to Docusign (that has access to that Template) at that time?

    For example, is this your scenario:

    • You and I both have the appropriate permissions on the Smartsheet sheet and in Docusign in order to generate documents and send them out for signatures.
    • I log in to Smartsheet and during the Mapping process log in to DocuSign (with my account) and set up a mapping with a shared template.
    • Next week, you log in to Docusign for something else.
    • Later that day, without logging in to Docusign, I generate a document from a Smartsheet row to be sent out with that shared template.
    • The Docusign template sends from your account, since you were the last one logged in that had access to that template.

    If these aren't the steps you're seeing, it would be helpful to know details of your process and where the incorrect user is being associated with the template.