A way to place the Row ID (for APIs) into a cell value with formula?

edited 05/03/24 in API & Developers

For clarification, the ID I am after here is the Row ID you can view in the properties of a row. I'd like to be able to do something like have someone export a sheet and send it to me for processing, and have a pointer directly back to which records there might need a resulting update, to be done via automation, that would use the Row ID (not auto-number) in the API call. 

To do this it would be simpler to have the Row ID as a value in one of the cells, but there is no =[RowID] kind of formula I can find. Is it possible to have the Row ID appear as a value in a cell in the parent row? Otherwise I need to pull the entire sheet down and search for the target row based on other criteria (like the auto-number) just to get the Row ID, then make another API call to update it. Possible but not really efficient if their export can contain that Row ID initially. Thanks!