Accessing sheets to copy to within automated workflow

I would like to set up an automated workflow in order to duplicate rows from a sheet within a workspace to another sheet in another workspace. I'm admin on both sheets and workspaces but I'm having difficulty accessing the sheet I want to copy to with in the workflow. Do the owners of the workspaces need to be added to each others workspace?

Thanks for any help or direction.


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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Autumn Montegna

    Yes, the Owner of the current sheet that has the data you're copying will need to be shared with at least Admin permissions on the Destination sheet in order for that sheet to show up as an option to select in your workflow. You won't have to share them to the entire Workspace, just the individual sheet where the rows are being copied.

    Think of it like you can't "steal away" rows from a sheet without the Owner being able to see where they're going.

    See the Note at the top of this article: Automatically Move or Copy Rows Between Sheets