Gant charts do not recognize Percentage columns with formulas why?

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Hello all. I have a gant chart and i want it to read a column of percentages i created with formulas dependent to other values, but my gant chart won't read the percentage column. Any ideas why that is or how to get around that? Thank you


  • Right click your sheet headings and click on edit project settings. Then make sure the column you have the %'s calculating in is set as the % Complete column.

  • Thank you @Hudson_TMR Turns out I have formulas in that very column that product my percentages IF another column has a certain text in it, the percentage column will then read "20%", "30%", etc. Do gant charts read percentages that are actually a formula? Is there a work around by chance? thank you!

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    EDIT: Nevermind, I thought this was working but after inputing a brand new line it does not. It will insert the formula as a string 🥲

    I suppose we are still looking for this solution then...

    I know this is a dead thread but I was able to find a work around for showing percent complete from a "column formula" that I haven't seen anyone recommend. The trick is to make your formula actually a cell formula but that is automatically entered with an automation. That way you don't have to manually pasted your formula, the automation puts it in there when say the row is created or whatever trigger you want. That way it always has the formula but you don't have to put it in yourself. So for instance I did this to make a "soft" column formula. This makes it able to be selected in project settings as percent completed! (the =INDEX(COLLECT()) formula being my method for fetching percentages)