User tried to add sheet owner as a Contact in a multi-select contact field, removes other contacts


I created a form/sheet that has the entire team as dropdowns in a contact field. When a user tries to add my name, it removes all other contacts from the multi-select field. Why is this and is there a fix?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jeanne

    A couple of questions here that may help us figure out the problem:

    • Are they selecting the contact from a column in a Sheet, or are they using a Form from Smartsheet to enter this information?
    • Is your contact one of the Values set in the Column Properties for this column?
    • Are they entering your contact into a cell in the sheet, or as a Value in the Column Properties?

    Here's what it should look like when there are already values selected in a cell in a sheet, then you go to add one more person:

    The blue checkmarks show who is already added/selected, and then you can choose the checkbox next to a specific contact to add them to the list. Your user would need to manually select the blue checks to un-check the other Contacts.

    Or, is it possible that when they clicked on the cell they hit "Delete" on accident and cleared the cell?