How can I ban or control indenting and outdenting?

How can I stop users making a mess with indenting and outdenting?

I am providing users with a template which contains some summary rows. I have formulae on these rows.

They are:

Level 0 - totals

Level 1 - subtotals for tasks within that group. Things like hours, costs.

Any tasks should ideally be fitted within that level. I'd prefer users to simply add tasks and have no way to indent or outdent them.

I've checked from a non-admin login and users cannot indent these rows directly. However, they can OUTDENT a higher task row (which is unlocked) and then INDENT it multiple times, which takes my locked subtotal row with it (so Level 1 becomes level 2, or 3...). So, non-admin users can therefore mess with my indenting.

How can I control for this?



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