data shuttle or zapier?



I was hoping to have a 2 way sync between smartsheet and (best case) google sheets or (less preferred) Excel.

Data shuttle can only offload to excel and I guess you need to set up an offload, separate from an upload so if you feed smartsheet AND excel with new data this might lead to conflicts since it only updates every 15min (minimum).

Does anybody know if zapier can do this any better?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sven Krohn

    With Data Shuttle, you wouldn't want to create both an Upload and Offload workflow using the same items as this type of circular workflow could create an infinite loop. It's best used as one-or-the-other, either exporting your data out of Smartsheet or importing your data in. (See: About Data Shuttle)

    I would recommend talking to the Sales team to see if Date Shuttle would be a good solution for your scenario and current workflows.

    I can't speak to if Zapier would have the same issue or not, but I expect their Zaps would also be one-or-the-other. You may want to post in the Zapier Community to talk to other Zapier customers about how they've set up their own workflows.