Move rows within a sheet with attachments

Hello, I found an old discussion in which it was confirmed that you can't move rows within a sheet without the attachments disappearing. This has caused a lot of grief for me and my coworkers. Has this changed or are there plans to add this functionality? It would improve productivity so much because it would mean less time loading, saving, and re-uploading once rows are moved.



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    Not sure I follow! Can you elaborate?

    The attachments shouldn't disappear if you move rows in the same sheet.

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  • Thanks for replying. One of my colleagues discovered today that, when rows are moved within a sheet, attachments do stay on if you do cut and paste as opposed to copy and paste. It does seem a little scary to do it that way (cut the row before pasting to the new one). Would rather keep info in the old row while pasting it into a new one just for peace of mind it won't be lost, but again, attachments don't copy over that way. Would be great if they did.

    In any case, we did find a way to do it today!