Users and Accessing Sheets, etc.


Hi - thanks for reading this.

I'm trying to find some files and asked for access. Was told to search the backend of Smartsheet. (IS there a "backend" of Smartsheet?)

  1. I'm not a system admin. I think that means I can't see anything not in my workspace. Is that correct?
  2. If you're not shared on sheets, can you see all sheets within that company, even if you are a system admin, anyway?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @KatieS3941

    It sounds like they may be referring to a Sheet Access Report that a System Admin can download for their organization. This lists all of the sheets owned by users in that organization and the users shared to those items. (See: Admin Center: Bulk Actions and More with User Management)

    However if you're not a System Admin then you won't have access to this report or the Admin Center (which I believe is the "backend" mentioned).

    I would ask your System Admin if they would be able to pull that list for you, so you can see the owner of the items you need access to.