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How to Use a widget in Sights to show when an entire sheet has been modified by date?

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I would like to know how to use a widget in sights to have a ongoing updated date whenever the entire associated sheet has been modified or changed.  I have seen it on the sights help page and I have viewed it by watching the tutorial video but there is nothing referencing how to actually create it.  I have attached a picture to see what I mean.   *(Last Updated On) 

Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.




  • Robert Casper

    On your referenced sheet, add a System Column for the Date Modified.  When you save the sheet, Smartsheet will automatically populate the cell with the date that row was last modified. 

    Add a Metric Widget to the Sight referencing the specific Date Modified cell you would like. Your top level or summary task is often a good candidate for this.  As your sheet gets update, the metric cell will update on the Sight.


  • cme14041

    Thank you for response, it is greatly appreciated.  

    So, that I am clear, after I create the System Column, I should be able to get an ultimate automatic last modified update regarding the referenced sheet, no matter what is changed within the sheet? 

    Ultimately, I just want one date to display on the dashboard of the last changes to the sheet regardless of what is changed.  The widget on Sights will only need to have one date.  

    Can this be done?

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