How to Multi-select column show on Calendar


i have a multi-select column on the sheet summary report. like to show the selection selected from the multi-select column to show on the Calendar app and add filters from the multi-select column. any suggestion?

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee
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    Hi @annie.wong107591

    Can I confirm that you're referring to the Calendar App add-on, and not a view of a sheet or report in Calendar View?

    In the Calendar App, you can add additional columns (including multi-select columns) to be shown in the Calendar card or in the Details Panel in your Settings:

    See Step 3 in this Help Article: Keep Your Teams Organized With the Smartsheet Calendar App

    Multi-Select columns can also be used as a filter in the App as well:

    If I've misunderstood your question, it would be helpful to see screen captures of your current set-up and a detailed description of what you'd like to do, but please block out any sensitive data.



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