Sum If Multi Drop Down Contains @Cell


I am struggling to get a formula to work correctly. I have a "Crew" Column which is a multi select contact column. I want the crew to be able to select multiple members and enter a single "Hours" for the day. For example Antonio and Tacho work the same job for 10 hours. Then to have each persons total hours for the project populate in the total hours section. I can get it to work just fine with a single person. As soon as I select multiple it breaks.

It should be showing 20 hours each for person under column 11 under Total Hours

This works with only one selection in dropdown =SUMIF(Crew:Crew, ProductionCrew@row, Hours:Hours)

This doesn't work at all =SUMIF(Crew:Crew, CONTAINS(ProductionCrew@row, Crew:Crew), Hours:Hours)

Any help appreciated


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