Automation of Rows to PDF to row as attachment (PDF filler and Zapier)

Hello everyone,

i'm looking for a external solution (native SmartSheet document filler doesn't work for me due to complexity of PDFs).

Automation i want to have:

Trigger: new smartsheet row added.

Action: Fields of a row added to PDF (3 of them actually).

2nd Action: All PDF's sent back to same row as attachments.

3rd Action: All attachments sent by email to Internal company member and client.

Tried Zapier + PDFfiller, but this solution doesn't work. Zapier asks me to do two sepparate ZAPS:

  1. Create a document on trigger.
  2. Send a document back to Smartsheet.

However this solution doesn't suit me. If i do two different steps, I cannot send back PDF to a row it's been created from, because there is no trigger/row to select.

I tried to do a time delay in between document being created and document being sent back, but it still just outputs some weird txt files without a real PDF.

Any ideas? I really don't want to create another API tool for such a tiny automation :/