IF(ISBLANK formula for multiple columns


I want a formula to show which team has been selected across multiple columns:

So if Construction has been chosen, in one of the columns, this will show in the Team column. Only one team will ever be selected per row. The formula I have is shown above but it's returning a #impasserable

I'm assuming I've got too many IF(ISBLANK in there but, 🤷🏽‍♀️

=IF(ISBLANK([BPR Teams]@row), [BPR Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([BSv Teams]@row), [BSv Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([Bus. Ops Teams]@row), [Bus. Ops Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([C & M Teams]@row), [C & M Teams]@row, ""), IFISBLANK([Finance Teams]@row, [Finance Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([HAL Teams]@row), [HAL Teams]@row, ""), ,IFISBLANK([HR Teams]@row), [HR Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([IPR Teams]@row), [IPR Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([IT Teams]@row), [IT Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([LSS Teams]@row), [LSS Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([R & C Teams]@row), [R & C Teams]@row, ""), IF(ISBLANK([RE Teams]@row), [RE Teams]@row, "")

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.




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  • Cheryl Collins
    Cheryl Collins ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    I've solved my own problem using a far simpler formula. As I know there will only ever be one team selected, I have used a simple JOIN formula to pull the team name from my teams column range into a single team column:


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